Some strange things to report, I guess.  Some of this may be just the way you set it up, at this early stage.  So maybe I'm wasting my time reporting things that should be ignored.

Welcome screen with the 3 options often clicks through to whatever is behind your application.  In my case, I had file manager open (remnant of installing your demo), and when I clicked on your screen, it highlighted files in the FM display and brought FM to front and gave it focus. 
I could not get Welcome screen quit option to do anything constructive. 
Inside the "campaign", I added one man and one woman to my side and to the opponent's side.  Started the battle.  Walked a step or 2 (can only control the man?  first one I added to my side?  don't know the magical way to switch people on my team to leader?) before opponent man makes appearance, stage right.

Walk to opponent man and click him.  Select body as probably easiest thing to hit.  Get message about hits and misses.  My side lady seems to join in but never gets any messages about damage etc.  I notice that my message seems to repeat many times rather than say anything new.  Then it changes to another message (maybe from solid hit to glancing blow, etc.) which then repeats for 5 or 6 hits till it changes again.

So opponent man dies.  Still no sign of opponent woman.  Walk a few steps and she appears.  Close to melee range and take a swing.  Neither opponent woman nor my women do anything that I can detect, though they are standing adjacent.  My hits don't seem to affect O woman (I think.  Or maybe I just did not stick with it long enough).  I try walking around some terrain (O woman is standing next to it), to approach her from behind.  My woman continues to do nothing and does not follow.  O woman does nothing, as well.

I come up behind O woman and start swinging.  Battle report still says something about a swing I took at O man.  I keep swinging for a while.  She doesn't do anything and does not die.  I get board and hit <esc>.  Then try and fail to get "quit" to work.

That's all I can remember.  It looks a lot better when you are driving combat in your vids.
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Looks like you've hit a freezing bug - it's been reported by a couple of people. The characters sometimes don't move or die. Will fix today.

not sure about why "quit" doesn't work - perhaps something to do with the full screen mode choice. Will investigate.
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Ok - there's a new build available, fixing a number of freezing issues, and adding more help info (press ESC in game to see the help text).

Would you mind trying this one and seeing if that's better?


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