When starting the game I get a "Memory Allocation" error

If you have 2GB of memory or just under, and/or are running a 32-bit OS, you may need to restart your computer before playing, and make sure you don't load up any apps at all beforehand. If you still get problems please start a new thread.

I get flickering on the main menu

Please check you have V-Sync set to "allow Application to choose" or "on". Sol Trader does not yet work correctly with V-Sync off.

I've chosen a weird screen resolution and now the game won't start correctly!

Remove the options file to reset your graphics options. Here are the locations for the various supported platforms:
  • Windows:
    c:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Think Code Learn\Sol Trader\options.sto
  • OSX:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Think Code Learn/Sol Trader/options.sto
  • Linux:
    ~/.local/share//Think Code Learn/Sol Trader/options.sto

I get other weird graphical issues or errors

Please check you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card before reporting.

Something else is wrong

Please post a new post to the Technical Support forums - one post per message. It's very helpful to include a screenshot of any error message you may have experienced.

It's hugely easier for us if you the following template to list reproduction steps. This makes it hugely easier to track bugs.

1. I'm on (Windows/Mac/Linux) on build number (xxxx) (you can find this on the main menu bottom right hand corner)
2. I did "X"
3. Then I did "Y"
4. Then I clicked button "Z"
5. Then I choose the fourth option down on the right
(etc etc)

6. "A" happened but I was expecting "B"

Please also post a summary of your hardware specs including CPU, GPU, RAM, operating system, and if on Windows, whether you're running in 64-bit or 32-bit.

If the crash is repeatable, it would be helpful to ZIP up and send me your saved game, along with the steps that I need to take to repeat the bug.

You can find the save game in these locations:

  • Windows:
    c:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Think Code Learn\Sol Trader\games
  • OSX:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Think Code Learn/Sol Trader/games
  • Linux:
    ~/.local/share//Think Code Learn/Sol Trader/games

They're about 40-50MB zipped: post it to the cloud somewhere and add the link to the forums.

Chris Parsons
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