So, I tried booting it up and I got a flash of a black screen, then it minimized the demo. Clicked on the icon to maximize it. It opened up but I couldn't click on any of the options.
Used task manager to hard quit it.
Restarted the demo and it crashed my computer.

When my computer rebooted it seemed to work better.

Although in full screen the mouse targeting seemed to be off. I couldn't get it to work and had to switch to a maximized window.

None of the characters seemed to move much. The enemies didn't fight back at all. And I could only control one member of my party. The others just stood there.

I will give it another try later. See if I can figure it out more.
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The character freezing has been already reported: will fix today.

you can only control one member: the others move themselves (although you've hit a bug where they don't move) In the full game you'll be able to shout commands.

i think the full screen resolution it's choosing is the issue. I'll start the game windowed in the next build I think.
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Ok - there's a new build available, fixing a number of freezing issues, and adding more help info (press ESC in game to see the help text).

Would you mind trying this one and seeing if that's better?
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