Hi all,

Christmas is fast approaching and I've been working very hard on the new mission structure. I've been working on mission where players have to deliver parcels, find out information and gossip, or find the location of a particular character:


At the heart of all of this is a new data driven mission structure that I'm pretty proud of. It lets me generate quite complicated behaviour with only a few text files: and crucially it allows modders to come up with their own complex missions structures and stories to tell. You'll be able to overlay your own "mission pack" into the generated world, to provide a multitude of pre-scripted encounters: rather like a dungeon-master in a roleplaying game.

I'll be documenting this structure once I've finally decided on the exact file formats, and beta testers will be able to start this process on the next release should they want to.

Next beta release

I'm aware the previous beta release has a common generation bug in it, prevent many people from getting past history generation. I have a fix and the new version should be out soon. Thanks for your patience!


Chris Parsons
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Dear Chris, I just thinking whether you will incorporate health system in Sol Trader like if someone take too many missions in short time or take one difficult mission, it will affect his health like fainted, sick, etc. It would be great if you can incorporate it because it would make it more real and caution us to take mission carefully. Just my idea. Thank you
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I've thought about health, but I'm not sure that it'll make it in this version of the game. Perhaps an expansion!
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