We've been funded!

Now that the campaign is over I can get back to posting regular updates about progress in this forum. Well over half my time this month has been spent promoting the campaign, so I'm looking forward to getting properly back to the code.

Thanks to everyone who got us this far: it means so much [smile]

Chris Parsons
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Well done chap. I can sympathise when it comes to time spent on promoting. I'm in that hell myself at the moment.
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Well the last few days were nerve wreaking for me to watch and I have no stake in this at all, so I can't even imagine what you went through.  Congrats on getting the game funded and I hope you can relax now that the 'fun' is over.
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Thanks so much! [smile]

AlphaAsh: I've just created an "other games" forum so do stick something in there - self promotion welcome! [smile]
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