questions before i will buy this next weeK:

Can you tell us a bit about the economic system?

Which resources are in the game?

Is mining part of the game?

Can ships be captured?

Can planets be conquered?

Is espionage possible?

or is it "only" communication with different characters?

thanks in advance
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The economics system has a range of goods. Prices are different in different planets and vary from a fixed point based on demand and supply. The AI contribute to this too, and will actively buy goods they notice to be cheaper or more expensive.

Mining is very much part of the game. There are about nine minerals in the game that you can mine. These can all be sold at markets. Certain characters are also actively looking for different types of good and will pay more and be really happy with you if you take goods to them.

It can be hard to find certain minerals and their placement is random each game. Try following other miners you meet for the best spots.

Ships and planets cannot be captured, but ships can be borrowed from friends and relatives, hired or bought. Ships all have their own history too, so your ship might have changed hands several times before you get to it.

Espionage is built in to the missions system: powerful political character will ask for information on their counterparts in far off places and in different factions.

Hope this helps!

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thanks for the reply...

sounds interesting....

will test it next week (via steam) 



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