Hi all,

Thought that it was about time I talked about my new RPG here...!

It's heading out on Kickstarter next Tuesday - 6th June at 4pm UK time.

Here's a super-secret preview link for the Kickstarter:

Feedback is very welcome!

Some detail: single player RPG set in a medieval kingdom where magic is rare and mysterious. The game has turn-based combat with a realistic damage system that models bones, muscles and organs. It also procedurally generates a new kingdom history, society and people every game. Each time you play you'll meet different characters with different backstories.

You discover at the beginning of the game that you were found lost as a small child, and the identity of your real family is unknown. Soon after, you meet the Ealdorlight, a legendary supernatural being not seen for centuries, who tells of darkness in the kingdom and invites you to take the King's place. You must leave your adopted home and travel the land, gaining connections, title and influence in order to discover your real family, and to win the throne: through honour, intrigue, or force, or a combination!

Older trailer showing concept art - new trailer on Tuesday:


Feel free to ask questions - happy to chat about the game!

Chris Parsons
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Some more detail about the gameplay!

You start by travelling between villages and towns on the edge of a randomised kingdom map.

You might craft simple items and farm crops, selling them at the market, all the time asking for information about your family from tinkers and travellers passing through.

You can take on quests from the townsfolk, and be rewarded with reputation, gold, and ancient items. Alternatively, you can steal money or items from them.

Work for someone with the right contacts, and you might also gain introductions to more powerful characters.

Impress the right people, and be granted lands and titles as you get ever closer to the King.

You can recruit characters with different skills, abilities and contacts to aid you in your struggle.

Along the way you may discover who you are and where you came from, and why you cannot remember your past.


In the end-game, you’ll earn access to the court of the current King, and work out how to take his place.

You might win over the ruling nobles through tales of your great deeds and your strength of character.

You might cause a scandal which causes the court to lose faith in the the King - he might have one or two skeletons in the closet which you could discover and expose.

If he refuses to step down, you can hatch a plot to arrange the King's untimely death, with you lined up to take his place.

If all else fails, you can storm the castle and take the throne through force in a bloody military coup.

You might use a combination of these methods to take the throne: but how do you stay true to your character in the process?

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