Well done Chris, you deserve a few days off before you get back into development!  [biggrin]

Things I am most excited about :

- Random Universe / events
- Character creation system

In your downtime, may I encourage you to play darklands?  

Another very special game and the reason I went with the project - anything that lets me build a character and feel an attachment is a must have in my books.  

Really happy that you love CKII and like Megatraveller.  

Keep reaching out to the community, as I am sure you will for support and ideas / feedback.  

Thank you
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Hi Jethro,

Whilst Chris is taking a well earned short break, I'll be around to answer any questions and collate any issues or feedback from you all.

I completely agree about the character generation, it's very much one of our core game mechanics. Every action that you take should have real implications in the universe. This is a particular reason why combat has been held back until now. Before attacking an NPC, you really should be figuring out what your motive is. Who is this NPC connected too? What is there family history? Do they have some connections to my allies? How will that affect my relationship with them? Or maybe you want to provoke a war and bring down one of your allies?

We have a lot of work to do, but a very clear roadmap between now and launch!

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Oh indeed congrats with the kickstart! I'm pretty sure I posted about it already, but apparently I didn't ^^

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