Hey everyone,

I've just returned from a few days off in North Wales. By day I've been clambering over rocks, beaches and mountains with the family, and by night I've been obsessing over materials science and ship damage avoidance systems.

Time to get back to work! I'm live streaming right now for an hour if you want to follow me getting to work on the ship damage: I plan to continue with the live streams on Mondays at 2pm UK time whenever I can.

While I've been away, Kickstarter has been busy processing all the payment stuff, so I now have a final list of backers. I'm planning to open up beta access to the INSIDER tier and above very soon.

Sol Trader's detailed backlog

You can see a detailed view of what we're working on right now on our Trello board. It's publicly viewable and you can comment and vote on particular cards you like. Do jump in and get involved: I'd love to get your input!


If you have any sort of issue, the best place to discuss it remains the forums - we'll pop a card on here if something needs to go in the development queue.

That's it for now. I plan to post an update every 1-2 weeks with progress. Check the forums for the latest info on development. Looking forward to getting back into the game!

Until next time,

Chris Parsons
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