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Feature spotlight

With all the new builds that have been released, you might have missed the run down of new features that have made it into Sol Trader in the last few months. I've made a series of videos that should help you catch up. Here's the first one:

Let me know what you think!

Latest build: space mode upgrades

The latest build available to Insider backers is all about space mode. I've upgraded the navigation interface and it's coming along nicely. You've also got some AI upgrades in there so you can easily see what other characters are doing. If you've purchased the Insider backing tier you can download the new beta here. If you haven't yet and you'd like to play the game today, you can still back it!)

Next: career progression & ranks

Sol Trader won't be fun unless you can get somewhere. You can now take a career with any organisation: the navy, the government, local crime syndicates... even the hippies. This opens up exciting new missions, the possibility of meeting famous and legendary characters and travelling further through space. I'm in the middle of making that stuff as fun as possible.

After that, I'm adding in asteroids, ship customisation and better weapons. Should be a fun February!

Until next time,

Chris Parsons
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