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A chunk of interesting Sol Trader news for you all! Firstly, we are now live on Steam - check us out there and add the game to your wishlist:


Visit Steam page 

New stuff!

There's a lot of awesome stuff in the latest beta releases, including clearer UI for tracking people's opinions of you, and a more obvious indication of what effect sharing certain events will have:


Release date now set for June 6th 

We demo'ed the game at the PC Gamer Weekender earlier this month, which was a fantastic opportunity to get great player feedback and show off the game. During the play testing it became clear that I need to add an overarching goal the player can work towards, the opinions system needs further extension (including the ability to lie to other characters) and I need to deepen the gameplay surrounding the various factions in the game.
I've made the difficult decision to delay the launch of the game by a few weeks. I'm now going to launch on 6th June 2016. All backers at owner level and above will have full access to the game the day it comes out. Ancestor level backers will have the names of their choice in the game at launch. The digital artbook and the hardback manual will come along a few weeks later.
I'm sorry I won't be able to get you the finished game in April as I originally hoped. However, I think this is the right decision: I'd rather release a finished game than push out something that isn't quite ready. I hope you all understand!

Insider backers will of course still get updates to the beta builds as they come in as before.

What's next?

I'm working hard on the ship customisation at the moment, so that players can change the configuration of the ships they own. They can buy new equipment from various people, such as freelance mechanics and mining engineers.

During history generation the other characters actually invent ship components of varying quality, and you have to go and see the inventor if you want a particular component on your ship. It's awesome to see the names that they come up with for their components, too!

That's all for now - until next time!


Chris Parsons
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PS: I'm cross-posting all these to Steam and to Kickstarter now, and Steam announcements will also appear on the website soon.
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