• Gameplay feedback megathread

    It makes sense to have an ongoing thread where we discuss the gameplay: the idea is to collect ideas and suggestions for improvement, along with...

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    Started by chrismdp

  • [modding] Planner data structures

    I intend to post a number of topics here regarding modding. I'll edit them as I go with updates to the various file formats, and in response to...

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    Started by chrismdp

  • [modding] Mission data structures

    I intend to post a number of topics here regarding modding. I'll edit them as I go with updates to the various file formats, and in response to...

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    Started by chrismdp

  • Modding GUI suggestion

    Was looking into modding the game, in particular adding icons or images to represent the different types of location in the city so easy to identify...

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    Started by xtom

  • New Player Observation/Suggestion Dump

    I've put this in a separate thread because it'll be a long one. I recently bought ST and gave it a whirl yesterday for a few hours while trying to...

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    Started by Unbroken

  • Need Help with Loyalty

    I really need some help, I've done so many favors for my boss that it's not even funny and I can't advance in my career without gaining loyalty and I...

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    Started by Doomlin92

  • Ahoy shipmates

    Loving Sol Trader, many thanks. Love how the character generation with selecting parents acts as a 'choose your own difficulty' level! Love the...

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    Started by Admiral Snackbar

  • kill exploit(?)

    hi there, it seems to me that the 'meet me' mechanic allows for too easy killing of anyone you manage to talk to, by telling them to meet on your...

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    Started by Chip

  • A bug screenshot

    Also I should say that I ran it directly from sol.exe, it wasn't working via steam - just crashed on startup

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    Started by wivlaro

  • effect of ship component quality?

    Just curious if anyone knows what the quality does? The hyperdrive doesn't seem to vary in cost, ship deterioration seems to be unaffected.. maybe...

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    Started by gnivler

  • How to share information

    Chris, I take mission to find information about someone. At the left tab, it said if you share this information, it would fulfill one of your...

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    Started by Angel5

  • too many passenger deals, launch - any way to ask people to get off my ship?

    Very new to the game. I've borrowed a ship with 1 passenger compartment but I have 3 passenger deals, and when I board they all almost...

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    Started by gnivler

  • brother / friend / categories

    I think this might be posted already but just in case its not.. it seems like my character's brothers are listed as friends now that I requested...

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    Started by gnivler

  • Huzzah, patch day!

    Thanks for the hotfixes, I'll get some hours in testing tonight!

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    Started by gnivler

  • Can not launch ship when taking passengers

    Hi, If I am taking someone on a business trip to see somebody else, and I board my ship, they board too, and then the launch button fades and...

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    Started by CM88

  • Difference between Gym and Running Games?

    I was wondering what the difference is between gym and running games were when selecting what your character is good/bad at. They both seem to be...

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    Started by LongVin

  • Favours

    So i bought the game two days ago and i gotta say this has the potential to become the game i've always dreamed of. At this point i've only played 3...

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    Started by jarod

  • Data not exposed via CSV / Some unused files?

    Hey Chris, I know I've already said it but brilliant work man, this game is already great and, given how open you've made it to modding, seems like...

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    Started by JoshParnell

  • Questions from a new player

    Hello, Bought the game yesterday and have played it a few hours. Made lots of money, bought a ship, did some missions, etc. I like it so far, but I...

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    Started by Paul

  • Economic complexity ...

    questions before i will buy this next weeK: Can you tell us a bit about the economic system? Which resources are in the game? Is mining part of...

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    Started by gms0012

  • Early game - minor issues

    Hi, Chris! I've had a quick run through the first part of the game -- up through talking to people in the first station -- and wanted to pass along...

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    Started by Flatfingers

  • Beginners Q's and impressions

    Well a couple hours in and very intrigued, shot someone down and managed to use the reputation from that to sign up with some pirates. I do have...

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    Started by amore555

  • Beta forum

    Hi, I just pledged at Insider level, how long does it take to get access? Can't wait to give this a go! Many thanks,

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    Started by amore555

  • Curious about Ancestor Pledge

    I pledged at the Ancestor level back in September of last year, but I really haven't been following it faithfully. Have I given my Ancestor name...

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    Started by Joe.Sheble

  • Storium

    Some of you who were involved in the Alpha access may remember that Chris hosted some Sol Trader interactive stories using the Storium platform...

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    Started by PrinceAnduril