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Bug: Can't get chartered ships (hired NPC transport) to launch
I thought I had uploaded the file in the 1st message but am attempting to attach it again. When you load up the save you should be at the ship in question. This is beta 1.3.1 mac OSX version.
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Bug: Can't get chartered ships (hired NPC transport) to launch
I'm posting this because you contacted me on steam.

Deshawn Ibbitson owns the ship. I hired him to take me to (I think) Earth. He took my money and the money is gone from my credit balance.  I am in his ship. I can find him at all his usual locations (bar, place of work), but do not understand how to actually get him to take me to the agreed upon destination. I can strike up additional conversations and ask him to take me to other places, although I no longer have enough money to hire him a second time.
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Screenshot Crash
Repeatable. Happens whenever I am in a conversation and I click on a character's planet icon in their info field, and then click the green "filter" button (the one you can see in the entry for mars on the upper right).

Playing the Steam Version on Mac OSX 10.12.5. Don't know how to find the version number of the game but it's an up-to-date version of whatever Steam installs.

Save file is attached.

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