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Ran into a few issues
Great, seems like you fixed most of the issues. The game ran to completion when I tested it now.

The remaining issues are more minor. There are still a few meshes receiving decals that shouldn't and others that do not but that I think should (the stone paths outside the houses and other flat, low to the ground meshes).

I find it difficult to get an overview of health, status effects etc. I would personally prefer to have that information displayed on screen instead of having to select and hover over targets. This will of course clutter up the UI a bit, but I think it would be helpful enough to warrant it. I also cannot find a way to know what it means that I am missing an eye etc. in game terms. Something like a character sheet where you could hover over status effects and get an explanation would be helpful.

I'd also like to get more of an indicator that I am bleeding. My death from bleeding was sudden and unexpected in the game I played.
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Ran into a few issues
To start with the positives I liked the step-by-step turn based combat, which was fluid and easy to control. The context menu looked nice and was easy to navigate. There also seems to be a pretty in-depth combat system running under the hood which I'm excited to learn more about.

For criticism I have a few points. Firstly there were some game-breaking issues. I played twice (2 vs 2) and in both games after the first enemy had died, both remaining AI units (including my ally) stopped acting and I was free to keep slashing. In addition, in both cases the second enemy was immortal. The damage indicators increased and maxed out, but the enemy never fell. In my second game there also appeared an endless spam of advantage increased (or something similar) and "lost an eye" (I counted at least 14 eyes lost for the enemy, which seems a bit excessive).

Also, while the combat looks interesting it is hard to know what things really mean. What is kick -5, for instance, or what is a counter? I'm sure this will be cleared up early in the real game, but it would be useful to have a short text in the demo explaining the combat system. I'd also like to be able to examine the units and see a description of their injuries and what this means in game terms.

Lastly, just one minor graphical thing. You seem to be using decals for your unit and target markers, which looks great for the most part, but they get stretched and weird looking when overlapping tall objects or walls. I would recommend turning off "receive decals" for these meshes. Other than that the game looks really good.

Looking forward to seeing future updates!
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