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Need Help with Loyalty
chrismdp wrote: Hi there, thanks for playing the game!

Loyalty is always to a specific character's faction. Find out which faction your boss is in, then try and tell him/her about all the different missions you've done for people of that faction. Try and avoid telling him/her about missions you've done for other factions.

Hope that helps!


I figured out my problem, I wasn't gaining loyalty regardless of who or so I started watching a video and I noticed that you could gain loyalty by selling goods at specific places so I sold silver at a bank of my faction and I started gaining loyalty, told my boss about it and then I started getting missions that increase loyalty.

I also have one last question, I'm a Senator, how do I get rid of the President and become President?
I'm famous throughout my faction and I'm the only senator under the President.
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Need Help with Loyalty
I really need some help, I've done so many favors for my boss that it's not even funny and I can't advance in my career without gaining loyalty and I have no idea how to gain loyalty.
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