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Ahoy shipmates
Loving Sol Trader, many thanks. 

Love how the character generation with selecting parents acts as a 'choose your own difficulty' level!
Love the fact that sometimes you can complete contracts without leaving the room and other times you spend days scouring the galaxy, hustling contacts, calling in favours, spending far too much time and money but getting that sweet satisfaction when you finally track them down!

A few questions and ideas:

Does the quality of the hyperdrive effect the amount of damage that you take when jumping?
Does having two hyperdrives make any difference over just one?
Similarly with engines, is the effect of the 2 engines combined?

Is Elysium(spelling?) out there on an asteroid somewhere?!!

With all upgrades it would be good to have bought them but then have the option to have them present but uninstalled on your ship, so that you can compare effects of different guns/engines etc. Perhaps a simple installed/uninstalled toggle.

Also when shopping for upgrades I find the UI a bit unclear, perhaps if the background colour or text colour were different for the upgrades you already own? Or they were grouped in a seperate frame or something?

Again with upgrades I think there should be some depreciation between you buying the equipment and then selling it. Just a little financial drop so that you can't endlessly buy, try, sell back without any penalty.

I can't stress enough how working out what the FILTER button does transforms your initial experience of the game. It is absolutely vital for newbies to understand how to use it in all interactions or they will just bounce off the game I reckon. 

I got into a pickle with a kill contract, the target would not ever leave the station, just cycled between work, bar an home endlessly for days. Then I saw on the forum about inviting people to your ship and then 'chump dumping' them, but the option to meet me onboard never turned up in many conversations. I think it was before the latest update though so I will try again with another contract and it may have been me because I am new to the game.

Lots more thoughts but don't want to swamp you.
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