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kill exploit(?)
Just add a crappy hacking minigame and call it assassination. [wink]
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kill exploit(?)
You can certainly fly it. I didn't keep it beyond that as I wasn't sure when the next autosave was.
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kill exploit(?)
It's way worse than that, Chris. You can book passage on a ship with someone then eject them from their own ship!
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How to share information
Angel5, you need to bring up the person's profile on the right of the screen, and then you can click filter. Sometimes this means you need to pin them before a conversation - so it can require some planning, or remembering a connection between them and the person you're talking to (IE having a friend in common who you can use to get the profile up).

Chris, can we have a search function for people/things in a future version? Pretty please? [wink]
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effect of ship component quality?
Engine stats are listed in the engine info box. There are several stats for them: rotational acceleration, acceleration (per kg), and top speed.

Likewise, guns have several statistics: velocity, munition length (which I believe represents damage), and fire rate.

Hyperdrives and cabins don't seem to have any distinguishing features beyond value. I'm not sure if they have any specific gameplay impact.
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Crash on startup!
That's REALLY weird. I had a totally clean installation of it - I removed everything related to it, but I also actually installed it on a different drive too. Oh well.

It works now! Thanks muchly. Looking forward to testing out all the changes since my last play, which was way back a few months after launch! Such time.
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Crash on startup!
As requested, here is a screenshot of the error I receive when attempting to start the game:


There's not much else to say yet. This is literally just after starting up.

What I'e tried so far:

* Check file integrity
* Reinstallation

Neither changed the error message at all.
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