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kill exploit(?)
i can't test right now, do you keep the ship?
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kill exploit(?)
im not sure if i understand your post correctly.
it reads to me like right now, i should not be able to get people with a 'white' relationship to meet with me
i just rechecked on 7adf788 and i am able to do exactly that!

a general prerequisite of green relationship to use the 'meet me' button sounds reasonable, who would react to such a request from someone he just talked do for 2 minutes at some space-bar?

for the kill mechanic im not sure. it would certainly feel a lot less gamey when requiring green, as right now i can kill just anyone, without witnesses and therefore drawbacks (afaik). it might, however still feel too easy to just get that president to green then instantly remove him from office.

maybe requiring blue to meet in a 'non public' place would make sense?

going from green to blue generally is not a big deal but yeah, i dont know how else it could be limited while still allowing me to murder my way to the top by luring people on my ship [biggrin]

anyway, thats all just my thoughts. if you keep me from being able to slaughter anybody without repercussions, i will be happy [smile]
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kill exploit(?)
hi there,

it seems to me that the 'meet me' mechanic allows for too easy killing of anyone you manage to talk to, by telling them to meet on your ship, then taking off and ejecting them.

i imagine this is a unintended effect of the relatively new button, but i want to add that i kinda like the idea of luring people on your ship to abduct/kill them (and i dont know if would be president without) but it should be harder to accomplish, maybe only close friends would come on your ship?

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Crash when ending conversation
Running Steam native on Arch Linux
build a10a70b


happened just when i clicked "stop chatting" when talking to some guy on cybele
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