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Steam syncing error
Lol, how weird! I don’t think so?? The character isn’t a pirate and wasn’t carrying cargo, so I don’t think she got into any space fights or anything.

I think I did reload the save after I ejected someone from my ship without realizing it'd kill the NPC, though. Not sure if that could make something like that happen, but that's the only death I can remember involving that character. I still have the save file if it'd help for me to upload it or something.
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Steam syncing error
Hey, I'm on Windows, build a10a70b.
For a little while, I launched the game from a shortcut instead of directly from Steam. At some point while I was doing that, Steam stopped tracking my play time and achievements. Now when I try loading the save I'd been using, I get this error message before the game quits to desktop:
  Screenshot (000140).png 
I've been launching the game directly from Steam since then and started a new save that's working fine, with no problems tracking time or achievements.
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