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got another one pretty much the same as the last one but with an extra line 
happened when i had 2 passengers going to the same city and went to the bar in that city i'm guessing both the people they were looking for were there

Also when you fly a tiger the jump gates spin around and while mining if you are toucking the rock while zoomed in after a short while it starts moving the ship around 
just thought you would like to know 
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Thanks Chris I figured it out that it was only when i found them at home i found them later when i reloaded in a different location
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crash happened when trying to view city after completing a find person mission here is the message screen grab twice so far, when i restarted it i completed one, then when i found someone else on my list it did it again the moment i clicked view city to leave 

  soltrader errormessage.png
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