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Couple of minor issues/bugs
Thanks I should have followed that up, the audio issue doesn't appear to happen after a restart, also steam cloud sync seems fine.
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Questions from a new player
Ah nice one thanks, that does help
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Questions from a new player
Another new player question, is there a way of finding out what city/planet a place is at? For example, I need to find a specific port, is there a search that tells me the location?
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Couple of minor issues/bugs
Hi, enjoying the game very much, just a couple of glitches thought I should report.

1. Exiting to the main menu, there's a very loud audio glitch, as if an audio jack has just been ripped out.

2. Steam cloud sync doesn't appear to work, just stays at 0%.

Win 7 ultimate, 64bit, 8gb ram, nvidia gtx770
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