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Data not exposed via CSV / Some unused files?
Ah. I added a ship with all the appropriate strings, and it never appeared in shipyards in my new games. Maybe I was just unlucky.

Adding a good returns this error:
materialStore->count < ArrayCount(state->referenceData->material)

That's with adding it to the goods file and its name to the strings file. Sounds like the number of goods is hard coded somewhere.

No rush on it, I was just curious if it was possible in the current build.
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Questions from a new player
Nothing in-game yet, but this map I made might help. City names are under the planet name.
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Data not exposed via CSV / Some unused files?
Are ships hard coded too? I was looking for a way to add ships. Just adding them to the list of ship_types doesn't seem to do anything, and I don't see a way to tell it what graphics file to use for which ships.

And I would guess goods are also hard coded. Attempting to add a new one resulted in a crash.

So far the only thing I have noticed that I can reliably add is cities and planets and jump gates.

And I don't see where to tell it what graphics to use for a  planet, so they all look like asteroids.
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Questions from a new player
Yeah [frown] I have seen that a lot, hitting deadlines in a rush and ending up hurting yourself. Really sucks, especially for small devs; but Steam can be HARSH. I'll tell my friends about the game, but I don't know a lot of people who like the games I like and this one is kind of niche haha. Best of luck on getting a few more positives.

I'm Paul from the B12 forums btw, I just moved here to try and liven up your personal forums.

The game has some really great and unique systems behind it and I'm loving it. The only remaining issue I'm really seeing is a lack of content, but that's not an easy fix. More ways to leverage relationships, more ship types, more equipment types, more ways to differentiate between factions. I just hope you get enough sales to warrant expansions, as this game could be great with them. Kind of like Crusader Kings - the initial release was a bit content shy and buggy, but after they pushed out all those fixes and DLC it turned into an amazing game. But they have a big studio behind them, so it's a little easier to get past a bumpy start.
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Questions from a new player
Thanks for the response!

chrismdp wrote:
Not in the final version, sorry. I cut the feature as it wasn't really adding anything to the gameplay.

Ah. Do you mean you cut the ability to have enemies too? Or does doing bad things still make you enemies? I haven't seen any enemies yet...

It could be relevant with a bit of content added. Perhaps content for a Generations DLC? Assuming the game is successful enough to warrant it. A way to have your character date characters (even if largely abstracted) and eventually get married and have children would be a fun addition. Although that would require ways to pass significant time for the children to grow. Perhaps serving terms in office if you become president or spending time working in your career, where it could use your existing history generator to have things happen and pass a few years of time (also a way to use stats after the game has begun).

Would certainly fit the theme of the game - a way to continue playing as your character's son or daughter. With your old character and his tweaked out ship available for the new char if you can convince your parent to loan it to you.

You could have other things that are currently fixed change during these off years too - like factions going to war and such. A way for a player to mix things up while still playing their same character.

chrismdp wrote:
In the character generation it affects your ability to make certain life choices. In the actual game we don't use the stats much because it would impinge on your freedom to make certain choices, and it just wasn't that fun. I have some ideas to use them to unlock certain extra features in the future though.

Don't most games use your character's stats to limit you on what you can do to some extent? Gives the game replayability, and the stats an actual use. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

chrismdp wrote:
The goods are different prices in different places, and not all goods are available everywhere. The ships are the same 5 basic types, but there are differences between the equipment available.

I guess I just expected things like different laws, weapon types, and more ships varying between the factions. Maybe in a future content update.

chrismdp wrote:
Not at the moment. The lack of ability to sleep is something I'm working on fixing.
You can't at the moment - sorry. This will be in an upcoming build.
This is possibly due to the autopilot having some issues, which means that characters could get stuck in space. I'm just testing a build which fixes this.
I'm just testing a build which speeds up the cargo ships somewhat.

Good to know. Good work on the quick bug fixes, and kudos for staying on top of both bug fixing and keeping up with PR via forum posts. I know that can be way overwhelming without a team behind you. Sadly you have mixed reviews already partly from the space flight glitches.

Probably would have done better with a little bit more polish and content before the big Steam release, but I can understand being on a limited budget and trying to get some sales going. A lot of game devs shoot themselves in the foot by releasing just a little bit early. I gave you a positive review, and I really hope you can pull out of Mixed status, as that is a sales killer. The sad thing is most folks just refund the game and leave the bad review up without regard to next day bug fixes.
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Questions from a new player


Bought the game yesterday and have played it a few hours. Made lots of money, bought a ship, did some missions, etc. I like it so far, but I have a dozen questions:

1). In the Kickstarter preview you could do things like threaten and flirt with people. Is that possible in the full game? I don't seem to be able to make enemies or lovers, just make friends that like me a lot.

2). Can you buy homes outside of your starting planet? I often find myself on a planet when no spaceport person is present and have to just wait for sometimes 8+ hours until places open.

3). How do you sleep in your own ship's passenger cabin? I bought a ship with a passenger cabin for this purpose, but don't see the option.

4). Is it normal for some planets to seemingly empty of people? In my game that I played for about 3 hours, the colony on Chasmata no longer has anyone working in the market. I had tried to mine diamonds nearby and sell them, but after getting a load of them the market guy is gone - and didn't come back after a solid week of waiting. Exiting and restarting the game had no effect. I assume they may have been killed by pirates or something, since I had been seeing combat going on in orbit. Does the game replenish characters who have been killed?

5). What do the starting stats affect? Everyone seems to love me equally on the character I made who was legendary at socializing and the one who was just average.

6). Is it intended that the cargo ships are so much heavier than the other ships? Their wingspan isn't that much bigger, and cargo capacity isn't that much bigger, but they are super heavy and very difficult to pilot. Example of two ships im looking at: A cougar at 72,000kg with 4 cargo and 23 metres wingspan. A tiger at 2,108,000kg with 10 cargo and 120 metres wingspan. 2.5x the cargo, 5x the wingspan, nearly 30x the mass.

7). Is there any difference between the planets and factions? They all seem to have the same ships, equipment, and goods.

8). Can factions go to war and have their relations change? Maybe capture cities and such? In my game the only combat I have seen so far has been out in Outer Alliance territory, I assume because that's the only faction the pirates are currently hostile with according to the diplomatic info. Will this change in my current game, or would I have to make a new game and hope for some conflict?

9). Is there any way to see your personal relations with a faction? Do they start out the same as your original faction's relations with them? Nobody was hostile with my starting faction and so far I have never been attacked by anyone, even when carrying expensive cargo.

10). Is there any way to see what faction another ship flying around is? I was going to try combat and killing some pirates, but I can't seem to figure out who are pirates and who are the "good" guys and nobody tries to fight me ever.

11). Are there combat missions? So far all I have seen are ferrying packages or people around. Do you have to join organizations to get better missions?

12). Space flight. I finally figured out how the space flight works. You get the arcade style inertia-less max speed boost speed when holding down forward for more than a second at a time or if you tap the key too often in a short period. Without that the game seems to use a simulation flight model. Is this intended? If so, any plans for an option to disable the arcade style boost thing?

Braking could use a look too; once you have good engines the boost thing is more bearable because you can pick up a little speed with a quick tap of thrust, but then you can no longer stop in space because even a split second of reverse thrust gets you moving fast in the opposite direction.

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