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Crash while enquiring about joining faction

hi Chris,


Sorry not at the time, is there a crashlog in the files I can send you?


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Crash while enquiring about joining faction
Had this one a couple of times:

1. I'm on Windows 10 on build number 0.10.43 (latest released build)
2. I went to London Old Senate, asked to join
3. I asked for a management position
4. The game crashed to desktop

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Beginners Q's and impressions

Thanks for your reply Chris, much appreciated.


How does one go about adding upgrades, such as the passenger cabin, to their ship?  I wonder also if this could be combined with the auto travel so your pilot can sleep through long trips, at the risk of waking up to a pirate attack!

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Beginners Q's and impressions
Well a couple hours in and very intrigued, shot someone down and managed to use the reputation from that to sign up with some pirates.  I do have some questions though:

1) Are there going to be missions for, for example, pirates, that are not just deliver this parcel?
2) How do I repair my ship
3) How do I pass time faster if a hotel has no one to give me a room and there is 8 hours till the place I want in opens
4) How do i collect debris.

Thank you!
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Beta forum

I just pledged at Insider level, how long does it take to get access? Can't wait to give this a go!

Many thanks,
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