1. I'm on (Windows) on build number (1.0.9) 
2. I am getting this issue with my save I start a week or so ago.  Every time i go to talk to people the game crashes.  I restarted a new character amd the issue seems to not happen.  

Any hope of me using this save of do I need to just use the new char i made?  

I am on a Samsung laptop Win 7 Home machine with an Intel i5 and 8GB of RAM with embedded Intel 4000 graphics.  64-Bit.  Machine runs Diablo iii fine.  


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I should be able to fix this up so that you can use the save.

Would you mind sending me your save game? That would help enormously in finding this crash. You can find it in c:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Think Code Learn\Sol Trader\games. ZIP up the relevant game, upload to the cloud somewhere and PM me a link (or post it here).

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