Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass!  The pop-ups say to report them, so I am.

This happened autonomously while I was in a conversation, I hadn't clicked anything.

build a10a70b on Win10 x64
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Haha no worries! These are related crashes: there's a corrupt opinion appearing in people's save files and I'm trying to track down where it's added.
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Cool, good luck, happy to help if I can.

I just noticed a character with 3 identical events (bottom right) in case that's helpful at all.. the character ought to be in the save I posted already.

I'm guessing you are already aware that the deceased have some odd conversation options?

Where are they located - Location unknown
Can you introduce me to the deceased (which can succeed)


My save has some MISSING STRING in my list of achievements that I can talk about as well.
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