1) If you pause the game when in a room/building (but not yet in a conversation), then start a convo, entering the escape menu and then leaving it lets you have the entire conversation with time paused.

2) Kids. So many problems here... (or is Sol Trader just more messed up than I thought?)
2a) Adult guy with a 13 year old girlfriend. 
2b) Kids can be challenged to binge drinking games, or gambling.
2c) Kids can request hit jobs to murder their parents

3) With high end engines, ships can reach sufficiently high speeds that the AI autopilot becomes useless due to its inability to properly calculate trajectories. I had an Ocelot with a few excellent engines simply circle a gate or planet because it kept overshooting its target at the wrong angle.

4) Rate-of-fire on guns is wonky. I've seen values from 200 to -33.

5) Ship modules have no "weight" listed, implying they're weightless, but actually add significant tonnage to the ship. Maybe update the tooltips? (Bonus: Maybe you could decrease the weight of higher quality hyperdrives and passenger compartments, so quality of them actually serves a use. You mentioned you'd do something to make quality relevant back in 2016, so this is killing two birds with one stone).

6) In cases where "Ask about [Person]'s Story" has a green topic icon, it can be spammed infinitely once you've discovered all story segments. This gives a free, unlimited way to increase standing in a single conversation.

7) History entries that boost wealth can be earned by buying a ship and immediately selling it. This ends up giving you a "Talk about yourself: Bought a ship (++Wealth, +Influence)" conversations for 0 credits.

8) History entries related to careers (piloting, mechanics, etc) fade over a relatively very short time, meaning you can never obtain another job in the field without exploits (like accepting and then quitting a factory job many times in a row to accumulate enough +Mechanics history entries).
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Thanks for the bugs and the exploits - I'll take a look!
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