• Ran into a few issues

    by Monokkel: To start with the positives I liked the step-by-step turn based combat, which was fluid and easy to control. The context menu looked nice and was...

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    Started by Monokkel

  • Playable Demo

    by inspiritedmama: So, I tried booting it up and I got a flash of a black screen, then it minimized the demo. Clicked on the icon to maximize it. It opened up but I...

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    Started by inspiritedmama

  • Tried it on my Win10-64 rig

    by alcaray: Some strange things to report, I guess. Some of this may be just the way you set it up, at this early stage. So maybe I'm wasting my time reporting...

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    Started by alcaray

  • Game won't even load

    by spoonmaster: Hey guys! Just downloaded it, was eager to give it a go before work but no luck - I double-click the .exe and try running it in Admin mode however...

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    Started by spoonmaster

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